Best Book I Read This Year and Why.

The best book I read this year has to be Jennifer Crusie’s The Cinderella Deal, followed closely by Charlie All Night, Agnes and The Hitman and Maybe This Time. These books are MUST READS. They are funny, and romantic, and with very good plot lines. I aspire to write as well as her some day.

Her books are unique, witty, funny, charming, fast-paced, and simply the best.

The jokes and anecdotes will make you roll on the floor, laughing your ass off, and the plot and storyline will keep you up at night, flipping page after page — because each storyline is different from the rest. Its not a bunch of books with a few tweaks and name changes — its for real. For example, The Cinderella Deal is about a very serious man and a carefree woman falling in love during the farce they’re playing out in front of the world. Charlie All Night is about a career oriented woman losing her job, and having to start at the end of the food chain all over again to reach the top — but the guy she has to turn into a star doesnt like the limelight. At all. And there’s a drug mystery going on too. Naturally, they both end up falling in love. Agnes and The Hitman is set with mob characters who love to cook, crazy women who are murdering their daughters best friend to get her house back, and a wedding disaster turned perfect. Maybe This Time is wonderful. With a ten year divorced couple falling back in love, violent lying ghosts possessing the inhabitants of an old creepy house, the nanny replacing the alcohol with something stronger, two kids who can see the ghosts, a power hungry slutty reporter trying to get the best scoop and using everyone in her way to get it, along with the mothers of the divorced couple arriving on the scene, with two ‘experts’ on ghosts, its a guaranteed good time. The best part is, there are very few to none boring parts that ‘you need to know else you wont get the story’. Fillers. There are none.

Her other books are great too, but these are just my favorites.

Of course, I’m waiting (eagerly) for the sixth and last installment of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy, Last Sacrifice, to release this Tuesday, the 7th of December. 😉 That’ll probably be the best book I’ll read this year. ❤


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