Funny Movies — Laugh Until You Cry

Comedy Movies That Actually Make You Laugh
At the video store, most movies in the comedy section may be cute and light-hearted, but not really designed to make you laugh. How to find movies that actually make you laugh?
Imagine you could walk into an electronics shop and buy a widget shaped like a remote control, and that every time you pressed the device’s single button, you would burst into a fit of laughter. Wouldn’t you buy one?

If such a device existed, the economy might go down in half. Why? Because if you could laugh anytime, do you think you would ever bother watching sports? Or drinking wine? Or buying any of the millions of accessories designed to make you feel good? You would feel good all the time. So here’s a stock tip for the future: if anyone ever invents a laugh-on-demand device, sell everything. And buy yourself one of those widgets, of course.

Like everyone else, I love to laugh. But I hate the comedy section at the video store. Somehow, I’m attached to the idea that a comedy is supposed to make me laugh. This thought makes me suffer, because reality constantly frustrates my expectations. In most video stores I’ve had the chance to frequent, the comedy section is one of the largest in the store. There can be hundreds of tapes (nowadays DVDs) stacked along multiple aisles. Whenever I get to these aisles, I get depressed. Why? I look at the pictures on the movie jackets, and I cannot see myself laughing. The sad truth is that most movies in the comedy section are not designed to make you laugh. They may be cute and light-hearted, but they will not produce that release that happens when your belly contracts with the spasm of laughter.

Finding a movie that makes you laugh is one of the hardest tasks you can set for yourself at the video store. For this reason, I spend a considerable amount of time hunting the best reviews of the funniest comedies ever. In such reviews, there is hope to discover obscure gems that have not yet come to my attention in my long years. When I find a good list, I mine it. I go around town to all the video stores and look for every movie on the list that I haven’t yet seen.

But finding a good list of movies that will make you laugh is about as hard as finding a movie that will make you laugh in the first place. In fact, I’ve come across “top ten” lists of funny movies that nearly made me cry. The good people of this planet definitely do not all share the same sense of humor. In fact, a great lesson about the diversity of the human experience can be had by following some random person’s list and trying to watch some of the things they find funny. You may find yourself staring, incredulous, mouth agape, asking something like: “Really, this made someone laugh?”

And to be entirely fair in this matter, I have watched movies that had given me an abdominal burn from frantic laughing ten years earlier, and found myself staring, incredulous, mouth agape, asking: “Really, this made me laugh?”

If someday I get elected to the position of “dictator for an hour”, I will spend that hour crafting a single policy. It is this. From now on, the “Comedy Section” at the video store shall be split into two sections. There shall be the “Just Cute or Light-Hearted” section. And there shall be the “You Will Laugh If You Watch This” section. From that day forward, from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, the children of the world will be able to walk confidently down the aisles of the video store and to pick a movie that is guaranteed (well, nearly guaranteed) to give them what they love the most: a good belly laugh. Vote for me!

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1. Meet The Parents

2. The Dinner Game

3. 50 First Dates

4. Wedding Crashers

5. What Happens In Vegas

6.  Up

7. Mary & Max

8. How To Train Your Dragon

9. Toy Story series

10. Airplane!

11. American Pie

12. Shrek series

13. The Ugly Truth

14. The Proposal


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