Let the blogging begin!

Hi there. I’m notexactlynormal, and this is the first time I’m considering doing some serious blogging. Not serious in the addressing major issues kind of way — serious as in keeping a diary sort of way.

Now you might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. My life has full potential to become a movie. Not that I want it to. That’d be too invasive, and me, I like my privacy.

But I’m just saying. It does. Because 24/7, something or the other is going on in it. There is not one moment of peace — and if there ever is, its used to contemplate if it really is a moment of peace, or instead a trap to lull me into a false sense of security.

But, overall, i like my life just the way it is.

I mean, sure, it’d be nice to change the level of constant upheaval in my life — but then it wouldn’t be my life, now would it?

I aspire to become something from the following in the future:
-Graphic Designer
-Part time psychologist

I’m 17 years old, in college, have Economics, Psychology, Computing and Arts & Design as my subjects, and am generally well liked by people.
The people I am not generally well liked by is due to the reason that I am generally well liked more than they are. They get annoyed by me, which annoys me.

Well, more later. I’m participating in LUMUN 2010, so I need to go write my research reviews. -_____- sigh.
One done, one more to go.


About notexactlynormal

I have 17 blogs. Most of them have 5 posts or less.

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