Last Night’s Ramblings

January 20th, 2011.
12: 43 AM

Its amazing how fast winters seem to fly by. All I ever want to do is stay in bed all day long, or eat sandwiches. Speaking of, I just had a sandwich. Ketchup, chili powder, k’n’n chicken patty and a suspected expired cheese slice (the package said: “EXP 28/02/2010”) but it smelled and looked fine, and when I ate the sandwich, which was meant for tomorrows lunch, it turned out to taste fine too. I think I’m going to make myself sick psychologically; by thinking over and over how it was expired, etc etc. Psychology test on Monday. Something about murderers or dreams, I think. Both of which I have not studied, due to my clash.

Subject – Time
Psychology – 11: 40 AM
Computing – 11: 40 AM
Economics – 12: 10 AM

Yes, that’s right. Psychology and Computing both happen at the same bloody time. So I am always missing one class. Except on Wednesdays, when theres no computing. <33 Ahhh, how I love Wednesdays.

I havent done the computing homework. I think sir might kill me tomorrow. With a pickle.
That’s sure to be painful.

But atleast it’ll be interesting. An interesting death is better than a bored one, which is what’ll happen to me if I continue taking his classes. By God, he’s the most boringest (and creepiest) man I have ever met. I mean, creepy and boring – hello, oxymoron. Because, you know, creepy can be interesting. Its like, “Oh my God, what a freak, I need to get away from him!”. That’s infinitely better than, “Oh…my…God…what…a…fr…ea…k…” *dead*

I wish I knew spanish. Or french. How fun would it be to call someone a tucan to their face, in another language? :/ I’m a mushroom, you should know that.

Its 12: 56 now. I think I’ll go to sleep. The cheese hasn’t bothered me till yet, hopefully it’ll stay that way.
What’ll I eat for lunch, tomorrow? :/
*sigh* I’ll just have to make another sandwich in the morning. With that expired bread. :/

Joking. 😛 The bread isnt expired. Its just…opened. And the top piece got kinda hard. Which is why I was avoiding it. :/ I’ll decide in the morning.

My internet has been down since two weeks ago. I’m sad. I made pretty banners. Hopfully, I’ll get promoted this month. <333

If not, theres always next month. 🙂

Trala lala la, la lala la.


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