A couple of kids thought it’d be cool to make Gossip Girl a reality. So they made an account on Facebook by the name of Scandalous BEC Scandalous and attempted to ‘rape the images and reputation’ of anybody they had dirt on. “BEC” are initials for Beaconhouse Educational Complex. Its a pretty big campus with O and A Levels. The SBS was mainly targetting A Levellers. One of which I am. The A Leveller, not the targeted. At least, not yet, Thank God.

Still, its still pretty cool, kind of. I mean, just like in Gossip Girl, you know? Receiving texts about people, stuff thats just happened or gossip that just got leaked. I’ll probably keep thinking that until they I get a hit. And not to think myself important or anything, but I am one of the more known people in BEC. My O-Levels was full of drama and intrigue, the likes of which only Gossip Girl itself can top. Or its latest season, anyway, what with Serena being kidnapped by a crazed sister of a falsely accused convict and ex-teacher to aforementioned Serena, and then being drugged and ending up in a mental health institution with her whole family + friends doubting her sanity and honesty.

My life? Much less complicated. Crazy water-obsessed mom, hysteric, hyper angry dad with the magical ability to talk endlessly to his victims which renders them dead,  and a perfect, universally loved little sister who is academically, extracurricular-ly, and everything-ly amazing, and yes, much better than me. But that just goes without saying.

I’m wondering right now about two make that three things.

#1: If the Grill, Waffle, Sandwich maker (3-in-1) can simply toast/warm waffles, or if we’re actually allowed to pour batter into it and make it. My money would be on the former option, as I read much to my dismay, that no liquids of any sort are allowed to be poured into the grill/waffle/sandwich maker. But that wont stop me from trying. :3 Besides, I promised T chocolate waffle cookies on Monday, and she declared her eternal love for me, so its either try or die.

#2: If Green Shoes is reading my blog. :/ Said he would, but he probably forgot, what with the awful month he’s having. :/ Filled with deaths. Another reason to try to make waffle cookies. Chocolate always makes people forget their problems…for a second or two. But hey, who knows? Maybe those seconds will turn his life in a new, positive direction. Or not.

#3: That I’ve gotten totally off-track. Its 2: 06 AM now, by the way.

So anyway, back to SBS — its dead. The user deleted himself/herself/themselves without a warning. I’m betting its because of the huge amount of ‘reporting’ people did. But not to fear, because we still had one other user who was a self proclaimed gossip: Shitalicious.

Yeah, I know. Weird name. But hey, their writing style is much MUCH better than SBS’s. SBS was like “Blah held blah’s hand.” Oh, wow. Whereas Shitalicious was like “I spy with my little eye…blah holding blahs hand.” This was a purely fictional example, but this is what wouldve happened if the latter would’ve reported something like that. And SBS kept going “Spotted: ” — umm, excuse me, copy GG much? Atleast Shitalicious had the decency to make up their own thing: “BEC Alert” or “Roots Alert”.

(Roots is another school+college.)

I have to make something artsy on a chart paper tomorrow and take it to school on monday and put it up on the notice boards so that people can ruin it with their ballpoint pen graffiti and lame comments. I also have to find if such an invention as ‘waffle makers’ have graced rwp.

Cool sites I stumbled upon:

My friends using one of those to send prank emails and the like to people. *sigh* I’m sleepy.

Also, this is pretty accurate:

Also, I have to check these out tomorrow: (or even only open them)!/pages/Shitalicious-31/145793588812505
And to check my mail…

Well, I’m off to sleep now. Goodnight waffles.

OH! And i didnt tell you, now did I? H gave me a cat!! ❤ 😀 Its a tabby….i think. o___O Its either that, or an Ocicat. I havent decided yet. 😛 hhahaa. And since I know SO MANY H’s, this ones the beatboxer, which I think is the only one currently in existance in BEC. So, I got Mushroom on Thursday 20th January 2011, and i heart her. Also, dads been here for like, 2 weeks now. I dont think i’ll be able to take it any longer. Hes finally beginning to snap.

I’m’na go sleep now.

It’d be so cool to write a real story, and have people like it, you know?
And for waffles to be actually made when I try tomorrow.


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  1. awwww, you DID mention me! =’)

  2. mynameisirrelevant

    Scandalous BEC Scandalous? HA, that’s rich. Same thing happened with BMI (Margalla Campusl) It was ‘Scandalous BMI’ They posted stuuupid stories, made bad imitations of Gossip Girl and got taken down in the end. And then another one popped up; it was called ‘What’s BMI talking about.” It got taken down, too. Lol. Twas Tragic.
    And this is completely random, but I didn’t know what BEC was until someone came to me one day and asked; “Are you from BEC?” -.- And I’m like, wtf is thaat? Lol. Not awkward at all…… -.-

    • Yeah, thats exactly what happened to SBS and ‘Shitaliscious’. :/ I think every school in rawalpindi and Islamabad has a page like that. 😛 Or, had.
      BEC is fairly new, which is why you might not have known about it, but its awesome all the same. 😛 Drop by sometime, and you’ll see for yourself. 😛
      Who are you, btw? Anyone I know? :/
      Cuz it seems veryyy weird that someone who knows what BEC is (i.e. In Pakiland) just ‘happened’ upon my blog. 😛

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