Stage 1: Denial and Isolation The first thought is one of disbelief. The person believes the loss could not possibly be true. This stage is often accompanied by a withdrawal from the normal routine. Stage 2: Anger The person nearing death, or the person grieving for another, is angry. He may sometimes blame another for the situation, or he may even blame God. Stage 3: Bargaining We see it in movies all the time: The dying or grieving person tries to make a bargain with God in order to live longer. This is a very real stage of grieving. Stage 4: Depression The reluctance to accept the situation turns to depression. Sometimes a numbness regarding life and its current experiences occurs. Stage 5: Acceptance The reality of the situation is clearer and accepted. Most, if not all, of the anger and depression falls to the side. Read more: The 5 Steps of Grieving | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5192699_steps-grieving.html#ixzz1Cy18wnjo *** => chec this out: http://www.memorialhospital.org/library/general/stress-the-3.html *** I’m in the computer lab right now. Its annoying because my lenses hurt and I want a donut.



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