title: Facing Your Fears Is The Best Way To Overcome Them – Greg Sanders, Werecat series (Shift – 5) – Rachel Vincent

So heres the plan – I finish the psychology course within two weeks of hard studying. Make notes at the same time so I can revise when the CIE exams start.
Then, I tackle economics, with a minimum of one past paper per day. Mocks are about to start anyway. The revision’ll do me good.
Computing is a bit harder, but i’ll go to sir, ask him k finals mein kahan thak chapters aaenge and I’ll do that shit at home too. Dont forget notes.
Along with this, I have to make a powerpoint presentation on Controversial Information for computing, along with a poster for the Education Fair. Oh, and balance a couple of math tutoring with Ali until i cant take it anymore. Hmm. Whos gonna help me with physics? I’ll ask zainab.
And you know, I think i just clear my o-level results too. Get those C’s and D’s to turn into B’s at a minimum.

But thats getting ahead of myself, isnt it? This ambition-high’ll probably wear off in a couple of hours.

I guess the whole thing boils down to how much I really wanna become a graphic designer. And we all know thats very much.

So I guess my past plans of taking up Arts&Design again are moot, along with Media Studies.

1. Economics
2. Psychology
3. Computing
4. Arts
5. Media
6. Math
7. Physics

Haha, sorry dude, but I’m no fatima sharif, or sana shah, or zainab javed qadri.
I cant study and retain a whole bunch of subjects in my head with little or no effort. Hmm. This calls for a diet change.

Which we know will never happen.

So lets just push ourselves to study everyday atleast, mkay? Im sure it’ll help a little.

Graphic Designing, here i come.


6: 21pm

So I’m on Alpha now, and glad to see that Faythe isnt cheating on Marc again. Although I dont think it’d still be cheating — I dont know where their relationship stands right now.

And so much for determination — it wore off. Sort of. After Alpha, i swear I’ll get my life in order, starting from an eco past paper, one and two.

Oh, no, actually starting with the pp presentation and the poster for the edu fair..

Hold up — i have to find a nice salad recipe for my sister, else my mom is going to completely ruin my sisters chances at winning.

And for some darn reason, I'm actually hyper and on edge because of the match!!! One wicket to go!!
The only concern I have for the Pakistani team is the fact that if they have trouble making a little below 200 runs, then how the hell are they gonna compete with the big guns — austrailia, india, england and south africa — who make a minimum of 300 without batting an eyelash (pun intended).

WE WONNNNNN just like I said we would!!! XD XD XD
Ahaahhahahhahaha. Highhhhh.


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