1942 Report & Weird Random Thoughts

So its 12:11 AM, and the 22nd of the month of March has started.
The font I’m using right now, on Notepad is called ‘1942 report’ and it can be downloaded from Dafont.com, if anyones interested how it looks to me right now. Not that I expect anyone to be. Except for someone annoying and nosy.
Its all grungey, and horroryish.
And look at that — the electricity just went out.
I have a headache so I’m gonna keep this to the point, and short:
> went to phophos today. Got my uniform fitted a little. Next weekend, or actually, tomorrow or day after tomorrow, i’ll personally go and make her fitten it perfectly. Not too tight, but not loose like the parachute I wear everyday.
> i have a feeling “U” keeps feeding lies to “A” about me. Both are my cousins. I wish A would ask me to verify U’s claims. Because I know that half of them would be untrue. But theres little I can do except for right out asking him.
Which I might just do. After exams.
> Which reminds me — going to school tomorrow, and then to Fizahs house to study. I’m torn between doing economics or psychology. Although Psychology is relatively easy, its lengthy and peppered with lots of details.
Random thought: Why dont people say ‘salted with lots of details’? Huh.
And the thing with economics is that I’ve studied it in Olevels as well as Alevels more than I have my other two subjects. So I have a fairly decent grasp on it, except Alevel economics is much tougher. 😦 Hmm. Two past papers of economics, and a couple of studies of psychology — thats fine, right?
> I’m pretty sure that tortilla wraps and samosa making strips are 70-80% the same things. Which will be good for my tummys future.
> I really feel like writing a story thing right now. I actually dont feel the itch to do photoshop AT ALL right now. I forced myself, and came up with two coolish banners, but idk. There wasnt much pride or happiness in them.
Usually when I’m in my graphic making mood and I have photoshop on and my image pack folders open and I’m making a banner, I put everything *i am* in that moment into the graphic. Thats what makes each and every one of them so special to me,
After Ive saved it, and moved on to do other stuff like read a book, or eat something, or blah, my mind keeps revolving around the bit of awesomness I just created, and I keep goign back to my laptop and opening up my graphic and staring at it and smiling. This happens spontaneously throughout the day, whenever I get the urge to go look at my pretty.
When I force myself to make a graphic, I promptly forget about it the second I save it. Which is sad and should not happen. Every graphic should be appreciated and loved and adored and cherished and valued and praised and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at. Because its something I created with my time and effort and my brain and creativity and a chunk of my life. It demands attention.

So, in respect to my wonderful pixels of me (i know that didnt make sense, I’m really sleepy right now, so bear with me), I’m going to stop making graphics until the urge hits — convenient timing too. Mock exams start next monday, and all Ive done is one lousy past paper of economis, paper one at that (mcqs). So yeah.
Although I really feel like writing a story right now. :/
Which reminds me, I should totally update my stories on hpff. They’ve been ignored for too long.

Oh, and before I forget — theres this awesome blog with this awesome grungy theme by this dude known as ‘themakshter’. Weird name, yes, but hes poured out his heart into writing about his tragedy of a love life, to maybe, hopefully get it out of his system.
Its probably going to be filled with intense emotions, so for those who avoid that kind of thing, stay away.

WHICH REMINDS ME. A couple of people are going to totally die tomorrow. Leaf, at the top of my list. Not that I’m going to do anything. Just give him the silent treatment. Which wont really affect him much. *sigh* Heh, whatever.

My eyes burn. I shall retire now.
Goodmorning to all.

–Its 12:39 AM!! What did you expect, goodnight?! My weirdness knows no bounds. :3 I’m TOTALLY changing this theme soon. And making a graphic header for my blog. <33 —


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  1. “Not that I expect anyone to be. Except for someone annoying and nosy.” Are you talking about me?

    and awwww, thank you for mentioning me!
    your gift: the second post of my blog. Go check it!

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