A Day Of Study

So I went to Fizahs today, right after school. We studied (yes, ACTUALLY studied) for approximately 5 hours straight (from 3.30 pm to 8.40 pm). We did one study of psychology (the Gould one. 😛 — Moron thingy :/ ) and June 2010 papers one and two. Paper two ka last question nai kiya cuz we were out of time. She fed me a bottle of fanta, three samosas, and biryani. We bought Lays on our way back too. I have a headache now.

So now I made soupy noodles and I’m gonna go crawl into my comfy bed now, in my vanilla scented room. I think I’ll read Jennifer Crusie. She rocks. <333
If you havent read her books, you should.
4shared.com se free downloads ho jathay hain tho go there and get em!! <33

My Top 5 JC Faves In No Particular Order:

1. Agnes and the Hitman.
2. Strange Bedpersons.
3. The Cinderella Deal.
4. What The Lady Wants
5. Charlie All Night

I'll leave you with that for now.
Goo'night and a merry soon-to-be Wednesday to you all!


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