6-4-2011 (A Six Minute Ramble)

6th April 2011 – 11:51 PM

They’ll probably never accept me anyway. I guess I should reconcile myself to that fact. I mean, I basically grew up with AI. Thats not something she’d be happy about. She’d probably be…pissed off.

But its okay. Cuz its not like I’m *****ing her. So it should be okay. Some people get accepted, some people dont. You just have to concentrate on the fact if the people who are accepting/rejecting you are worth it.

And AI would be worth it. But she never will, so lets forget about this.

I’m reading Getting Rid Of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie. Its great! Not better than Agnes and the Hitman or Strange Bedpersons or Charlie All Night or A Cinderella Deal…alot like What The Lady Wants, but still good. Its Crusie. How can it not be?

Signing off at 11: 57 PM. Abooyah.


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