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I got scammed today. I ordered McDonalds. A McFlurry and a Spicy McCrispy burger thing. And my total was something like 490. And I paid him that. And then he dropped a hundred ka note and a fifty ka note, hid it, and said I gave him less money. Grouchy ass. Kept complaining that it took him so long to find my house. And I got sick of being polite so I told him to shut it, that I wasnt interested in listening and that hes lying about the money.

But after a lot of wheedling, I gave in. Because my mom didnt know Id ordered and she’d freak if she knew. So I paid him off, and thats that. It was really dark. Asshole.

And now, tomorrows the Olympiad, and I’m wearing this blue stretchy thing and these beigiesh pants, and I know, I just KNOW Twix will hate me in them. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea convincing him to come. :/ I mean, its sort of cheap of me, but i LIKE jeans and t-shirts. But Twix doesnt let me wear them. And I can see his point, I really can, religiously and all that. But…well…I just really like them. I like shalwar kameez too, but its not the same, you know? And waisay bhi, I’m a born American — I should be allowed to wear what I want. Sort of. Blah, stupid reasons, ignore me.

I’m gonna go exercise now. Double Chocolate Cornetto McFlurry with extra topping two nights in a row is not good for my butt.




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