1:30 am.

Everybodys right.
Worrying wont help. I have to calm down and breathe and not touch Photoshop even though thats probably the only reason I took computing in the first place, now that I think about it. Note to self: Never take hard mathy/logicy subjects ever again. You have ‘potential’ to get A’s (according to my stupid teachers, who keep telling my mom, and upping her expectations of me. Cut me a break man. Thats what teachers say to EVERYONE), but you dont cuz you dont ever study. So stop taking those kinds of stressful subjects. Just take…french from now on. That’d be fun. Or maybe Home Ed? If they offer it. I likes to bake, yes I does.
And you know, if I end up owning my own little bakery, whats computing gonna help me with then, huh?
Nothing, thats what.
Get through this year in one piece.
Take up something easy next year.
PLEASE dont fail in that, warna bohat bezthi honi hai.
Open up bakery or animal shelter and live happily ever after.
Scratch animal shelter — they’ll die and i’ll cry.
So. Continuing.
Start baking again.
Stop blogging.
Start studying.

On it.


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