How To Increase The Volume Of Something You’re Streaming Online

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So I’m a movie nut, and I’ve been watching movies non-stop for the past couple of weeks (summer vacations, dontcha know?) and I’ve been having this problem lately about the sound being so low that I cant understand what is being said.

So I googled it, and here is the wonderfully easy solution!

For this you need to have VLC Player installed on your computer. I am not sure if Media Player Classic (with K-Lite Codec Pack) can do this job. So, install VLC player and let’s get started.

1) Open VLC Player and click ‘Media’ > ‘Streaming’.

2) In the window that appears, click the ‘Network’ tab. Choose ‘HTTP’ as the protocol and paste the link of the video in the ‘Address’ box. Make sure you does not include ‘http://’ again.

3) Additionally, check mark ‘Show more options’ and you will be able tweak the advanced options like caching and start time of the video. Click ‘Stream’.

4) When the video starts playing, you can increase the volume of the video by 400% just by sliding the volume control of VLC player. Enjoy!


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  1. how to increase volume on mac?

  2. Awesome. thanks for the tip, bud!

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