Blogging inspires me.

When I read various blogs, I feel so amazed at the rich content, and the way people convey their ideas and messages so effectively with seemingly little or no hassle involved. Blogging also involves typing only, and that is a plus point for me, because this past year, Ive seem to come to fear public speaking. Not fear so much as not been able to do it right. It developed gradually. I lost all confidence, started stammering, getting lost for words, becoming frustrated when I couldnt remember those words and had to say what I was saying in more words than needed. It finally hit me when I went MUNing this past month. I just…couldnt speak fluently. And I dont even know why. I could bullshit as well as the next person. But when I got up to speak then, I just couldnt wait for my turn to be over. When they were voting on a caucus I proposed, I found myself praying it wouldnt pass, because then I’d have to get up and speak for two minutes. And…I just couldnt do that anymore.

But when I blog, I dont need to speak. I can just take my time in forming my sentences and making sure I sound smart and well articulated and not fumble for words like I have usually come to do so. I can also use MS Word for synonyms if I’m sounding too repetitve. Or Google to find out if there is a certain word out there that could be used instead of the two sentences I’m about to say. Then there are those words that I know, but the meanings of which Im not so sure about. I can Google those too, find out if they mean what I think they mean, or if they mean something else entirely.

But the thing that prevents me from blogging is time. I just dont have enough time these days. From getting up in the morning, to college and back, I just cant find the time to squeeze in a blog post. Blame Mark Zuckerburg for that one, though. All of my free time (and not so free time too) is dedicated to Facebook. But hey, dont look at me that way. You try dealing with an average of 50 notifications a day. It takes time, alright.

Another thing that prevents me from blogging is my lazy fat butt. It just seems tedious sometimes — why blog when I can watch HIMYM or Gossip Girl? Or a movie? Well, actually, scratch the last bit. Thank you SOPA and PIPA. End of the world, indeed.

Blogs that I really enjoy are and…oh, alright, thats the only blog that I actually take time to read and follow. She has a way with words, not to mention food. A potent combination, if you ask me.

So I’m off to read a couple of posts that I missed because of my hectic life, see you after a millenium.


EDIT: Here is another blog that I enjoyed reading, along with this website which has really good recipes that I go with in moments of crisis.


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