My Best Friend

There are a few people in life that are hard to come by, but when they come by at all, you can tip your hat and thank life, because those people are people that everyone needs in their life, but does not know it.

My best friend is that sort of person.

She is caring, and kind, and funny, and witty, and smart. She is creative and innovative and supportive and understanding, and she is beautiful. She is the kind of person who would hold your hand after a bad break up, the kind of person who would hug you tight, telling you it will all be alright. She is the kind of person who will then track down your ex-boyfriend and clobber him to death for hurting you. She is the kind of person who you can be yourself with, the kind of person you do not have to pretend around, the kind of person who will embrace all of your quirks because she herself has so many of them.

She is the kind of person who is different, unique, not because she aspires to be, but because she just is. She likes KPOP in a world where diversity is to be made fun of. She is the kind of person who holds her head high, stares people dead in the eye, and dares them to make fun of her to her face. She is the kind of person who’s head will still be raised even if they have the gall to mock her.

My best friend, she is a taurian. And like other taurians, she will sit through an episode of emotions and hyperactivity, of laughter that transforms into tears, of topics such as boys and cheese and universities in the same paragraph, with seemingly no link to bind them.

The taurus is determined, and she is too. Determinedly and confidently doing what she has to do, being a role model and leader to everyone around her. Everyone knows her, and those who dont — well, no one knows them either.

She can be a bit zany, but thats what makes her so much more colorful. It balances her out. Her mind is her most powerful weapon, and she makes amazing use of it. She will be the one making newspaper headlines, guest starring on tv shows, standing for president.

My best friend is the kind of person who will eat noodles with me on the school bus, ignoring the looks we receive. She is the kind of person who will explore the outter bounds of school with you, video taping the entire experience. She is the kind of person who will force you to do the right thing, no matter how much you don’t want to.

A lot changes in life. Your engagement breaks off, your car gets stolen, your dog dies — but one thing does not change (unless you do something really, really, really stupid that is totally unforgivable) and that is knowing that when you run away, your best friend will run after you no matter how far you run, no matter where you hide. They’ll smell you out, they know you so well. You can depend on them, and you can rely on them, and you know that no matter how bad it gets (with the exception of the really, really, really stupid things one might do) they will always be there to look you in the eye and say, “Cee, it’s okay. Get over it already. You’re better than that.”

Yes, she is my best friend. And the best part is that despite having done the really, really, really stupid thing? She’s still mine.


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