5 (sort of) “Homey” Skills To Make Money

There is so much you want to do in a day, in a lifetime, but you just cant find the time. Opportunity cost comes in here and you’re forced to make value judgements. Here are a couple of things that I want to do. Right now.

1. Learn the art of screenprinting:
So I can design and print and sell my own shirts.

2. Learn embroidery:
There are some really pretty patterns and designs out there. I’d like to learn how to do that. Then when I design t-shirts or even kameezes, I can embroider a floral motif or something of the sort on there.

And then, of course, charge more.

3. Learn Illustrator:
Been meaning to do this one for a while now. If I learn Illustrator, I can make vector shirts so much an easier concept for myself.

4. Learn ceramic dough making:
Why else? To make more money. Make flowers, add them to bangles or earrings, VIOLA! Instant money making products. :3

5. Knitting:
I also have to learn knitting because there are only so many patterns you can make with crochet. Some really pretty patterns I cant make because I dont know how to knit. 😦

Must remedy all this!


…soon. :p


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