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Hated Him From The Start…

…or maybe not the start, but the second book.

Currently, I’m on the fourth, and latest book that has been released. I’m glad I didnt take this from zainab during LUMUN ’10; it would’ve ruined my whole experience. I hate Bones. I still think Cat should be with Tate. He would be so much better than her.

And it wasnt her fault that she accepted Gregors terms. She thought she was saving Bones. He should have either told her what was going on, allowed her to take part in battle or shouldnt have left a cellphone with her.

I just wanted to record this here, because I thought that in midst of all the heartbreak going on, this was the funniest thing that happened so far:

“THERE ARE FIVE STEPS TO THE GRIEVING process, or so they say. Denial is the first. I’d had plenty of that since I left Spade’s. Then anger, and oh yeah, I was angry. Couldn’t even take a few days to stop and think about things, maybe let the dust settle?
Oh no, not you, Bones! Back in the saddle, huh, cowboy?
Then bargaining, perhaps the most pathetic one of all, which kept me busy through the flight to our unknown destination. Let him come back. I love him so much, and he did love me. Maybe we can still work things out…
Fuck him! my anger said. I always knew Bones would go back to his old tricks. A leopard can’t change his spots, right? Doesn’t have a wife, huh? Who needs you, anyway?
If the vampire next to me was listening to my mental schizophrenia, he gave no indication. Vlad whistled while my emotions played Russian roulette. By the time he announced we’d arrived, I was into a state of full-blown depression.
Or, in other words, step Number Four.”

Seriously. What a pig. I was on the path of forgiving him, but now he’ll be lucky enough if I read the rest of the series without throwing up at the mention of his name.

And if Cat was hiding things from him, the things he said to her when he left, wasnt that hiding stuff from her too? And i just hate the fact that everybody thinks they have a right to be in Cats head with or without her permission.

Theres something else going on here, and the only way to find out is to continue reading, so I will. Hopefully, Bones will be absent for a while.

Perfect song for this book: Love The Way You Lie (part two); by Rihanna ft Eminem.



I dont want Cat being at the mercy of that asshole! WHY CANT SHE JUST GO WITH TATE??? I DONT WANT HIM TO BE HER FUCKING MASTER!! If she cant go with Tate, just kill herself. Thats better than being the servant of Bones. I hate this.

I hate Spade too.


No way was he NOT cheating. Dont believe him for a second.

Team Tate all the bloody way, mate.


“Anywhere but Paris.” Nice. I find that I didnt like Cat being a vampire, but i do like her being an abnormal one with Vlads powers. :3

Waiting for the next book. Cant beleive I’ve forgiven Bones again. -_- But, hey, lets not do this again, oi?

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